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Ribs and Chest wall Cadaver T&O course.

A trauma cadaver approaches course aimed at consultants, senior and junior trainees, SAS and theatre practitioners.

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This one-day course will incorporate the development of surgical skills in a cadaveric workshop with clinical decision making in ribs and chest wall injury management. The scenarios will resemble management from arrival at the Emergency Department to emergency management and definitive treatment.

During the course, delegates will practice three approaches to the thoracic cage, as well as apply plates and intramedullary splints. There will also be an opportunity to practice inserting erector spinae blocks and serratus anterior blocks with ultrasound control, as well as discussing pain management techniques and chest physiotherapy. Chest drain management will also be covered.

Learning will be tailored to learners group level. Trainees will have the opportunity to complete PBA. Senior fellows and consultants will be guided to more advanced approaches.

The faculty are all experienced Orthopaedic surgeons, and the high faculty to participant ratio will ensure maximal hands on experience.

This course is supported by Depuy-Synthes. Surplus revenues will be donated to the Orthocycle charity , which recycles medical devices for less economically advantaged countries.

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