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Hand and wrist  course.

A pelvic trauma cadaveric approaches course aimed at consultants, senior and junior trainees, SAS and theatre practitioners.

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This course is suitable for trainees in plastic and orthopaedic surgery from core training to senior fellow level with an interest in hand surgery.

A high faculty and a hand and upper limb per delegates ration, with 6 hours of guided dissection and operative techniques tailored to your seniority and specialty will allow maximum learning experience.

Prior to the course you will be matched with one of our experienced faculty and your programme will be designed to meet your learning needs.

The following elements may be covered during the day:

• Surgical anatomy of the hand, wrist and upper limb
• Soft tissue management including local flaps for fingers, thumb, palm and dorsum
• Repair of flexor and extensor tendons in finger, palm and forearm
• Fracture fixation of phalanges, metacarpus and carpus
• Small joint arthroplasty for PIP joint and thumb (TBC)
• Tendon transfers for common peripheral nerve palsies
• Decompression for common pressure palsies
• Nerve exploration and transfers for peripheral nerve palsies and brachial plexus injuries

The faculty are all experienced Hand and wrist surgeons, and the high faculty to participant ratio will ensure maximal hands-on experience.

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